Rapila 1.0.0 released

23.10.2012, Raphael Schweikert

We’re proud to announce the immediate availability of rapila 1.0.0.

Rapila was forked in 2009 from the stable release of its predecessor, Mini-CMS. We gave rapila an all-new administration interface (co-developed by the UI experts from Herrmann Germann) and introduced powerful behind-the-scenes concepts like (virtual) navigation items, role-based permissions, a dependency-managing resource includer for static assets, and the notion of runtime environment configuration. Also, we’re now using Propel 1.6 (up from 1.2).

The Release can be downloaded or cloned from GitHub. See the installation guide for more information.

The team behind this release would like to thank everyone whose help has made this possible and we’re hoping you enjoy building and administering websites with rapila as much as we do.

Schlagwörter: Release

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