Rapila 1.1.0 released

31.01.2013, Jürg Messmer

We’re proud to announce the immediate availability of rapila 1.1.0.

This is more then a bug fix release, though quite a few bug fixes are included in this release.

As always, the release is available as a download or as a tag on GitHub (full or base-only).

Notable changes

The biggest change includes a tag system that has been improved a lot.

  • New larger tag panel
  • apply tags to details and list items
  • tag filter added to list view that makes administration of tags a lot easier
  • a newly designed tag area in the detail view
  • a nice little effect that confirms the tag action
  • implemented for documents and links in base
  • implemented in journal entries of the JournalPlugin release 1.1.0.

Other commits since rapila 1.0.1.

  • tag icon moved from admin menu bar down to info bar (footer) right hand side
  • refactoring of code in order to prepare upcoming update to promising Propel ORM Version 2
  • fix language include for internal links

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